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21-year-old Reza has no idea what he wants to do with his life, except skateboard, smoke joints, kiss girls and hang out with his friends. When his best friend is accepted to a prestigious college in Maastricht, it starts to bother him that he has no plans for the future. Lacking an idea of what he would like to do next with his life, he books a trip to Thailand where he hopes to find all the answers to his questions, not knowing that his life will never be the same after this trip due to a serious motorcycle accident. After he returns Reza must reshape his life with the knowledge that he is permanently confined to a wheelchair, but ironically, he knows how to make better choices now than when the world was still all up for grabs.


Scenarist & Regisseur Isis Cabolet Co-producent GROM Productions Omroep BNNVARA Uitvoerend Producent Eva Schaaf Productieleider Zoë Niezen Ass Productieleider Saskia de Jong DOP Jeroen Kiers Focus Puller Alyssa van Veen Gaffer Maxime Pottuit Production Design Sanne Schat Kostuum Design Alette Kraan Vita Mees Sound Recordist Mithras Cabolet Sound Design Evelien van der Molen Editor Joshua Menco NCE Post Producer Steven Rubinstein Regie assistentie Merel van Norel Productie assistent Regilio van Teijlingen

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