Music education

Hallo Muziek


Hallo Muziek offers sustainable music lessons in elementary school. We believe it is important that every child has the opportunity to be introduced to music. Music makes you smart and happy. Music is able to connect people. It gives meaning to a desire that is deeply rooted in us. Many scientific studies show that music can have a major positive effect on the learning performance of children in other areas such as language and mathematics and it is therefore not surprising that music education will become a mandatory part of the elementary school curriculum from 2020.

In schools working with Hallo Muziek, every child, from group 1 to 8, receives 32 weeks of music lessons per year, in the classroom, from professional teachers. After 8 years, a child will be able to sing polyphonically well, read musical notes, play together in an orchestra, and play different instruments. Talents can develop further after school. For the professional musicians, Hallo Muziek offers a new interpretation of their profession. Hallo Muziek developed a revenue model that makes this music education within the elementary school realistic for all schools in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, Hallo Muziek is active in 34 schools and teaches to more than 10,000 children weekly. The goal is to roll out music education throughout the Netherlands.

The Rogues are the business leaders of Hallo Muziek.