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About the carillonneur who turned into a bell

The Bell is about two fathers and two sons. Their stories, interwoven in form and content, together tell of the intertwining of father and son, of letting go and saying goodbye. They are based on Sjoerd and Jorrit Tamminga and Paul and Menno de Nooijer. Both couples have a close bond in which working together and creating their own work plays an important role. When the fathers are taken ill, the time of letting go and saying goodbye starts. What happens very abruptly with Sjoerd and Jorrit, is a long process with Paul and Menno which is explored during the performance. At the end of the story, both sons will start a new, independent chapter, leaving the father behind.



Music Jorrit Tamminga Libretto Katinka Polderman Film Paul Menno de Nooijer Director Karina Kroft Ensemble Erik Bosgraaf Izhar Elias Bart de Vrees Katinka Polderman Jorrit Tamminga Spel Paul Menno de Nooijer Decor Nelly Blessinga Lichtontwerp Niels Kingma Techniek Thomas Koopmans Elizabet van der Kooij Productie Marthe van der Hilst