Short documentaryRealized



In 2016 Alexander van Holk earned sixth place at the Paralympic Games, completing an astounding transition from top investment banker to elite athlete in under two years time. In Alexander  his inspiring story challenges the audience to rethink the way we deal with adversity and sorrow.


Director Rozemyn Afman Co-writer Pieter van de Berg Director of Photography Reinout Steenhuizen Sound Recording and Lighting Gregoor van de Kamp Sound Recording Regard Ibrahim Robil Rahantoeknam Editor Wouter van Luijn Montage Assistent Esgo Groenendijk Sound Design Regard Ibrahim Composer Hans Nieuwehuijsen Image Post Production Facilities Het Raam In House Post Production Supervisor Julia Rombout Colorist & Title Design Laurent Fluttert Filmposter Design Claire Witteveen