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From our own personal lives to the harshest environments in nature or unsafe societies, there is a constant search for safe space in order to grow.                            

SHELTER is in a way an ode to this struggle, which is profoundly personal and universal at the same time.

SHELTER demonstrates a sense of appreciation and respect for the many ways a living being nds their safety, or in many cases how they are on a constant journey, searching for a feeling of being sheltered.SHELTER is a collaboration between choreographer Heidi Vierthaler, founder of dance collective HATO Projects, and designer Melanie Brown, founder of fashion label BYBROWN.Through a collaboration between dance, fashion, projection art and sound, the collective will explore the notion of shelter. This investigation will take the form of a performance where three dancers physically demonstrate how shelter is sought after, provided, found and experienced.


Choreography Heidi Vierthaler Design Melanie Brown Dancers Shay Partush Luca Cacti Pauline Torzuoli Composer Tom van Wee